Who are we?


Charlotte Lebourg, graduate in marketing and international trade, founder.
Melvin, Client Manager.
Alex, Expert in social networks and advertising systems.
Syrine, SEO, SEM & SEA Expert.

Launch of Socialboost.fr
As social networks expand, we realize that it is increasingly difficult to make a place for yourself among the billions of users. So we came up with the idea of creating socialboost.fr, an exchange site that allows everyone to get Facebook fans. It will then very quickly gather more than 100,000 active members.
Launch of Likeup.fr
As Socialboost.fr is incredibly popular, we have the idea of refocusing all our databases into a single site that will become likeup.fr. Several exchange platforms are then available and allow our members to exchange on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch... To date, likeup.fr has more than 197,000 active members who exchange interactions on social networks.
Launch of Jedevienspopulaire.fr
We knew that there were many competitors in this (subscriber purchasing) area and to stand out from the crowd would undoubtedly be a difficult but far from impossible task. In a very competitive environment with malicious sites (not to say many scammers), we set up offers from our exchange site and other exchange sites that became partners over time. This has enabled Jedevienspopulaire.fr to acquire a status of reliable and serious site with customers.
Launch of Jadenltd
At the request of thousands of clients whom we have gained the trust of over 11 years, in addition to the platforms for exchanges or purchases of subscribers on social networks, we are setting up our new group JadenLtd which offers community-managers, social marketing consulting and e-commerce & SEO.

Why us?


The challenge was to offer a fast, high-quality service at a very affordable price. Indeed, the rates charged by competitors at that time were very excessive. So we provided various types of services to help customers find the one that was most convenient for them. Jedevienspopulaire.fr also emphasizes this customizable aspect of the services it offers, giving the customer the possibility to make a custom order according to his needs and purchasing power.

We constantly rely on new services to meet customer needs. In only 1 year, we have succeeded in making Jedevienspopulaire.fr the leader in this field of activity on the French market. By opting for us, you will be dealing with serious, conscientious and competent people.